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by Lily

I don’t like buying me-too things. I like buying ethically sourced unique artisan items that have a purpose, value, and story. It’s more to me than a business transaction. I’m allowing this object to enter my life and home, and I want to be selective of what I bring into my space.

It’s not just about objects, it’s also about relationships. I want to be mindful that the people, things, and experiences in my life are contributing and building me up in a positive way. It’s not a one-way street. Through the inspiration I gain with my positive connections, I also give back my own positive energy.

And through this exchange, we collectively live a more meaningful, present, and purposeful life. A life that I can say I’ll be proud of leaving one day.

I am a huge supporter of handmade products that empower artisans and tell a story.

The beauty of online shopping is that you can find exactly what you are looking for. If you want to buy mindful products, they are very easy to find. I’ve included a few of my favorites below that serve a similar mission to my own.

MoLi Products

MoLi Products is my own online store founded in 2016 by Lily (me), Mohamed (my husband), and Ahmed (my brother-in-law). MoLi Products curates handmade artisan items from around the world and manufactures their own handmade items in Egypt. We accommodate women with special needs and mothers through remote work, while providing unique artisan products.

Made Terra

Made Terra is an online shop that is pioneering the maker-to-market movement in Vietnam. They ethically source handmade items from artisans in villages around Vietnam.

Minna Goods

Minna goods partners with family-run workshops and independently cooperatives to bring goods made by ancient craft techniques. Minna sources goods from Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

Made Trade

Made Trade

Made Trade is a family-run business that curates beautiful, ethically and sustainably made products for the home and wardrobe. Made trade partners with hundreds of brands, small businesses, independent makers, and artisans for thousands of ethically sourced products.

Globe In

Globe In is a subscription box and shop that ethically sources handmade items from artisans around the world. No two monthly subscription boxes are the same.

If you would like a free glass set ($80 Value) on purchase of 12-month “GlobeIn Premium Subscription Box”, click here and use code “BESTHOST”.

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