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by Lily

MoLi Products is an online store founded in 2016 by Lily (me), Mohamed (my husband), and Ahmed (my brother-in-law). MoLi Products curates and manufactures handmade artisan items from around the world. We accommodate women with special needs and mothers through remote work, while providing unique artisan products.

We are currently working on a new line of products for the kitchen as an extension of the handmade products we love and use for The Matbakh food blog.

The Story of MoLi Products

During one of our trips to Egypt, we came across some handmade items that had a beautiful story. We thought to share this story with the world by selling these items online. After selling thousands of products through Amazon, we decided to launch our very own online store called MoLi Products.

Does This Resonate With You?

Do you like buying ethically sourced unique artisan items that have a purpose, value, and story? It’s more than a business transaction, it’s a vote of how we shape our future. Through each purchase we make, we shape what markets exist and which ones disappear. By supporting conscious brands, we support a conscious future.

It’s not just about objects, it’s also about relationships and a story. The people, things, and experiences in our lives are contributing to who we are. Through our daily exchanges, we can collectively live a more conscious, meaningful, present, and purposeful life.

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