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by Lily
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Welcome to my kitchen! The Matbakh is a food blog that has easy to follow recipes with a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influence. The word matbakh means kitchen in Arabic, and here you will find curated content surrounding the kitchen. Although my current kitchen is rather small and windowless (not to depress you), it’s the heart and comfort of my home. My kitchen is a place where I can have good conversations over the dinner table, create new recipes, and share my love through cooking for my friends and family.

Every country in the Middle East has its own traditional dishes, oftentimes passed down through the family. Even within the same country, you will find regional dishes. Our aim is to share part of our culture through good food.

My Food Philosophy

When I first started cooking on my own, it was a little intimidating. I did not know how to meal plan and make basic dishes. I ended up spending more money grocery shopping than eating out. Most of the food I would buy would end up in the garbage due to poor planning. I’d spend hours on end trying to make dishes, and exhaust myself with having to clean a very messy kitchen. I felt like cooking was just another thing I had to do after a very busy work week.

I’ve discovered over the years that there are ways of cooking and grocery shopping more efficiently so I don’t end up exhausted and overwhelmed. And when you cook your own food, you know exactly what you put in it. I found it’s easy to create a basic routine that makes cooking easy and enjoyable.

Types of Curated Content


Every week we add new recipes to the blog. Recipe instructions are also posted on our Instagram page as well for ease of searching. You will notice that the foods are broken into a few different categories: region, type, and diet. You can also use the search bar to find what you are looking for.

You might notice there are a few authors around here. Making quality content is no small feat, so I’ve partnered with a few amazing humans that share authentic recipes from different parts of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. If you would like to contribute to the Matbakh, please contact me!

Kitchen Faves

It’s hard to make good food without the right kind of tools for the kitchen. Also, we like to share tips, tricks, and kitchen inspirations for everything related to the kitchen.

Soul Nourishment

Just like you would have a conversation with a friend over a dinner gathering, this blog is sprinkled with some general ideas and philosophical topics that you might have over the dinner table.

My Hopes

I hope this blog will inspire you to try new things and give you some positive vibes. We are all unique and different, and my hope is that this blog reflects the uniqueness in me and you. I identify with different cultures and beliefs, but one thing holds steady. I’m human, imperfect, and just trying to be better every day.

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Gandhi

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Eating is a time we can come together, nourish our bodies and souls, and create good memories. Join us on our journey!

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