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by Lily

The Matbakh is a food blog that has (mostly) nutritious healthy foods that taste great. Eating is a time we can come together, nourish our bodies and souls, and create good memories. You will notice on the sidebar that the foods are broken into a few different categories: region, type and eating style. You can also use the search bar to find what you are looking for.

When I first started cooking on my own, it was a little intimidating. I did not know how to meal plan, meal prep, and make basic dishes. I ended up spending more money grocery shopping than eating out. Most of the food I would buy would end up in the garbage due to poor planning. I’d spend hours on end trying to make dishes, and exhaust myself with having to clean a very messy kitchen. I felt like cooking was just another thing I had to do after a very busy work week.

I’m here to tell you that cooking your own food can be easy, inexpensive, and better tasting than eating out. Also, you know exactly what you put in your food. You can create a basic routine that makes cooking easy and enjoyable. Cooking does not need to be stressful. Even grocery shopping can be done efficiently.

And now with the internet, you don’t need to keep a countertop index card recipe box! You can find EVERYTHING online.

Habits Can Be Changed

A lot of people want to make more homemade meals, but don’t know where to start. We don’t realize that years and years of conditioning, environment, childhood, etc all affect where we are today. In order to make conscious changes, it will take time, patience, and not giving up. Just like you wouldn’t expect your newborn to start walking, you shouldn’t expect yourself to undo all of your habits overnight. Give yourself some patience and compassion.

I went from eating practically every day out to eating out once a week. Which means that ALL of my meals are at home now. Not because I don’t have other options, but because I prefer my food over anything I get out of the house. Also, I find it easier.

It wasn’t always like this. I developed a passion for cooking early on, but I saw it as time and energy-consuming. I didn’t realize that the amount of time it takes to drive to a restaurant, order and drive home, is the same amount of time it takes to prepare a homemade meal.

The key factor for me changing was in meal planning. Gone are the days that I would drive to the grocery store without a list or idea of what I was planning to make that week.

Gone are the days that I’d fill up my grocery cart with whatever “looked” good trying to meal plan mentally on an empty stomach.

Some Daily Mantras

Just like you would have a conversation with a friend over a dinner gathering, I’ve sprinkled this blog with some general ideas and topics I think about and share with my loved ones over the dinner table.

My daily mantras inspire me to keep improving and moving forward. Most of us are not limited by what we are actually able to achieve. We are limited by what we think we are able to achieve. How powerful is that? 

Some of my daily mantras can be found here.

My Hopes

I hope this blog will inspire you to try new things and give you some positive vibes. We are all unique and different, and my hope is that this blog reflects the uniqueness in me and you. I identify with different cultures and beliefs, but one thing holds steady. I’m human, imperfect, and just trying to be better every day.

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Gandhi

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