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Top List of Kitchen Items for 2020

by Lily

After many years of cooking, I’ve made my own top list of kitchen items that I cannot live without! I have tried numerous kitchen gadgets over the years, and these are without a doubt the best in my kitchen. Before I try out a new kitchen item, I usually do a lot of research. I don’t have a very large kitchen, so every item needs to be useful. Plus, I don’t like being surrounded by a bunch of unnecessary objects that just take up space and have no use. I will update my top list of kitchen items yearly, to include the latest and greatest. So here we go!

Vitamix Blender

The first on my top list of kitchen items is a Vitamix blender. I was on the shelf a long time before making this purchase. I mean how life-changing can a blender be in order for you to cough up upwards of $400? Let me just say that this blender is so ahead of other blenders on the market it isn’t even funny. While I was visiting my parents, I used their Ninja blender to make my morning green smoothie. I ended up chewing my smoothie, not drinking it! With my Vitamix, I can’t really even taste all of the vegetables I add to the smoothie when I make it with the Vitamix. This blender is great for soups, hummus, iced smoothies, and frappuccinos too. It perfectly blends all of the contents, and in my opinion, is well worth the $400. You can buy the Vitamix blender from Amazon or through the Vitamix site.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

I like quality products. It is not unheard of to learn that your grandmothers’ Le Creuset dutch oven has been passed on to her grandchildren. These things last FOREVER! You can feel the quality of the dutch oven just by picking one up. They are very heavy and sturdy. I would recommend getting a little larger size, just because it allows you to make a larger variety of dishes. I love making my Beef Bourguignon and Roasted Tomato Chicken Thighs using the dutch oven. Just a little piece of advice – the black heat resistant knob is only good up to 375F, but you can buy a metal one instead and use the oven as high as you need. This is my favorite Le Creuset dutch oven and Le Creuset metal knob.

best kitchen tools le creuset

Glass Locking Containers

These are a must-have if you ever reheat your meals! I don’t like reheating my meals in plastic containers because it doesn’t seem safe. Yea they have BPA plastic, but plastic is still a petroleum product and nuking it in the microwave just doesn’t seem like a good idea. In come glassware with interlocking lids. The interlocking lids are made of plastic, so please remove them if you a reheating your containers in the microwave! When I meal prep for the week, I use these glass locking containers. I’ve been using the same ones for over 6 years now. The plastic part of the container doesn’t hold up well in the freezer unless the container has shown it’s freezer friendly. You can buy the exact containers I have here. Or some freezer-friendly containers here.

best kitchen tools glass lock containers

High-Temperature Spatula

Remember how I don’t like heat and plastic? Well spatulas or no different. When using nonstick pans, it’s important to not use metal utensils because they can cut the nonstick coating and ruin the pan. So the best alternatives, in my opinion, are wooden utensils. Somewhere along the way, wooden utensils fall a little short when making omelets or eggs. So instead, I use a high-temperature spatula that’s heat resistant up to 600F.

Mercer Cutting Knives

best kitchen tools mercer knives

So I do own Cutco knives, and they are beautiful. They work great. But they are PRICEY! I’ve found a great alternative or supplement (whichever you prefer) to the Cutco knives. I’ve purchased 2 pairs of Mercer knives and LOVE them. I also got a knife sharpener to sharpen them. Traditional knife sharpeners are a bit intimidating, that’s why I needed sort of dummy’s version. I mean it looks cool being able to sharpen your knives like a ninja warrior, but practically speaking, someone might get hurt! Here is my go-to Mercer knife and knife sharpener that has been GREAT!

Instant Pot

Pressure cookers are scary for a lot of people. Not to be afraid- get an instant pot! It has been designed where it cannot actually open while it is still under pressure. The instant pot can be used for so many things, and it can really speed up the process of making great bone broths. You can get the Instant Pot on Amazon.

best kitchen tools instant pot

Cookie Sheet

I practically use a cookie sheet daily. I recommend using the cookie sheets with parchment paper for like 90% of the recipes. I’ve read about how Aluminum is not healthy to cook with, so I use parchment paper on top of the cookie sheet. The great thing about cookie sheets is one sheet meals. They are healthy, inexpensive, and quick. I don’t have any particular recommendation for cookie sheets, but I like this one here that has an elevated wire rack option.

best kitchen tools cookie sheet

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron is great for pan-fried meats. However, be careful how you clean your cast iron. A great resource for maintaining your cast iron pans is here.

best kitchen tools cast iron skillet

Reusable Tea Strainer

These things are so CHEAP but so useful! I really LOVE iced tea, and you can create your own flavors when you purchase tea as loose leaf tea (and it’s cheaper). So my favorite blend is jasmine pearl green tea and peach white tea. I brew that with my reusable tea strainer, then pour over ice. Talk about a party in your mouth that is bright and refreshing! Here’s one of the tea strainers that I have.

best kitchen tools tea strainer

Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker

I was a Nespresso owner for over 2 years and a happy one at that. Until the day I walked into Sur La Table and demoed a few of the whole bean espresso machines. Follow that up with a whole year of hesitation and research. And then I pulled the plug and got me one. Let me just say, I will NEVER go without a home espresso machine EVER again. They are worth their weight in gold. My espressos are so much better than any coffee house. I get high-quality whole coffee beans and make my espressos every day. My Keto-Friendly Almond Cream Latte is delicious.

I’ve saved the Breville Barista Express machine last for my top list of kitchen items because it is my favorite! I wake up every morning and immediately go make myself an AMAZING espresso. Every home should have one of these.

best kitchen tools espresso maker

Summary of the Top List of Kitchen Items

If I was stranded on a desert island that miraculously had an unstocked kitchen at my disposal, these would be the items I’d pack in my suitcase. I use each and every one of them almost daily.

These items are a great idea for wedding gifts and graduation gifts.

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