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by Lily
income reports

The blogging world is a scary place for a beginner. I know, because I have started and stopped a few times. Part of the battle is not getting overwhelmed by the mountain you have to climb and instead, take baby steps.

So as a celebration of my first little baby step, actually having readers come to this blog, I’m going to share what I am doing for organic traffic and monetization.

There is a catch.

My traffic and monetization reports are only available via email once I have 2,000 email subscribers (for the reports). I want to make sure that the time I take to pull this information together is really something people want to read.

The secrets are in the nuts and bolts, and I am ready to be fully transparent with you. If this is something you’d be interested in, click the link below and fill in the form.

Sign up for the traffic and monetization emails.

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